Here's a glimpse of projects I've contributed to

Full stack SaaS MVP


December 2022

Published product page for lead capture for an MVP of a SaaS. Tech stack: Tailwind CSS on SvelteKit for optimal page load and SEO and SSR plus a Pharo backend. The product page and entire web application is properly responsive in all major platforms.

Native mobile and full-stack development

AppStore iOS Swift App and Admin webapp

January 2017

Published a native iOS application. For this particular app it was required Swift for the iOS app and the following frameworks: MapKit, FBSDKLoginKit, SwiftyJSON, ToastSwiftFramawork, Async and Bolts. And for its admin web app, it was used Meteor with SemanticUI.

Open-sourced full-stack framework


July 2014

Published flow as an open-source project with a mission. Flow's mission is to provide consultants, startups and software houses with a competitive Smalltalk full-stack framework that allows them to quickly deliver a demo with all the modern html5.

Open-sourced persistence framework


March 2014

Published Mapless as an open-source project. Persistence with very low maintenance. For real. No instVars. No getters and no setters - just models that can be saved. Mapless is a persistence framework with zero Object-Relational-Impedance-Mismatch on your data.

Hospitality Industry


February 2013

Lead conversion for back-office processing with seaside web app. Integrated the API of a highly customized CRM with a Seaside based web app and the admin dashboard to process hundreds of leads for the hospitality industry in this region.

Being a startup founder


July 2009

Airflowing was a web application that provided management to service companies. With an original UI design and simplicity in mind, it allowed the operations team to coordinate jobs, tasks and finances across different teammates. It was a simple yet end-to-end solution for small businesses. It ran on Pharo Smalltalk, jQuery, Aggregates, OmniBase object persistence achieving scalable and subsecond server-side rendering speeds. Shutdown in 2015.

Feature out of a Berkeley's paper

Implementing Cheshire II

July 2008

Developed a product for medical practice management including functions that were quite an innovation at the time like efficient video capture of various medical instruments used in different exams. Also organizing the medical records storage with probabilistic indexing based on U.C. Berkeley's Cheshire II catalog design, a feature that allowed sub-second non-boolean searches and results presented in order of relevance. All that developed using Dolphin Smalltalk.

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